At Niamh Barrett Computers Ltd sometimes we can fix your Computer, Laptop or Network remotely. With Remote Support we use dedicated software to log into your Computer, Laptop or Router and we maybe able to help you solve your computer problems there and then without having to bring the equipment to our Service Centre.

Charges apply for this service

WARNING: We only ever log into your Computer, Laptop or Network with your permission and full knowledge and more importantly at your request. We will also clearly identify who we are. Please beware of Remote Support Scams which are quite common. Always hang up on unsolicited telephone calls where somebody rings, telling you, that you have a problem with your computer and asking to log in. Sometimes callers pretend they are ringing from well-known companies like Microsoft and Norton’s.

Our Promise To You

  • We service and support everything we sell
  • We will talk through and explain everything we do
  • A thorough, proper, fast and professional repair
  • We will always safeguard your data and assure complete confidentiality
  • Our engineers are fully qualified and very experienced