6 ways to protect yourself against the scammers

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Be Aware –  As the shopping season gears up please Be Aware of scams and deceptions. Stop and think – Is this Safe/True? Use the following precautions:

6 ways to protect yourself against the scammers:

  1. Offers too good to be True – these sound great but what’s the catch? Be suspicious and check out all the details and small print first.
  2. Remote AccessDo not let anyone remotely access your laptop or computer.
  3. Click/Download now – Do not click on or download anything that you do not trust. Check the address of the link by hoovering your mouse over it before you click on it.
  4. Spelling/Grammatical Mistakes – Scammers often make spelling and grammatical mistakes as they are usually computer generated.
  5. Bank Transfers – Be very suspicious of discounts or offers for paying by bank transfer.
  6. Website Security – Check for the closed padlock symbol in the address bar of the website. Click on it to check the encryption certificate the address should begin https:// – the s stands for secure.

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