8 reasons why you should buy your laptop from us

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  1. We Sell Quality Brands
    Currently we have 8 top quality brands including Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu ,Dell Microsoft, Apple, Horizon & Chillblast.
  2. We Are IT Specialists
    We specialise in IT – We only sell Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Ink and IT peripherals. As an independent shop we only buy products that we are 100% happy to sell and stand over.
  3. Customised Setup
    We can setup and customise your laptop for you, load all necessary software, transfer your information and ensure you are protected with antivirus software..
  4. Proper Aftersales
    What kind of aftersales service will you get? All laptops are covered by a 12 Month Hardware Manufacturer Warranty. If you have a Hardware Warranty issue, many of the bigger Computer Shops and Electrical Stores get you to contact the Manufacturer directly so this can mean a lot of time on the phone. At Niamh Barrett Computers we will always look after any Hardware Warranty issue for you. We will deal with the Manufacturer directly and if it is possible, we will back up your data if your laptop has to be sent back. We will set up your laptop on its return. If you are very stuck, we will give you a loan of another laptop while its away.

    However, you can have other problems with your new laptop that are not covered by warranty and we can fix these in our Service Centre. Remember we are experts on repairing laptops and computers. We generally do not sell extended warranties as we do not think they offer you good value.

  1. STAFF
    When buying a laptop we have highly trained staff who will discuss in detail what your requirements are. We will sell you the laptop that is most suitable for you rather than selling you the cheapest or dearest laptop.
  2. Expert Advice
    We will always give the best advice when you are buying a laptop and ensure that we sell you a laptop that meets your requirements. We will always be guided by what you want. We put a lot of thought into selecting the models and brands we sell. If you like, we will fully set up the laptop for you, updating and installing software, installing Microsoft Office and good quality subscription based Anti-Virus software. In our experience this is the way to go and it eliminates all the hassle when you go home or back to your office. We can also transfer data from an old laptop and dispose of it safely and securely for you if you require.
  3. PRICE
    We have new laptops starting at €439 and refurbished laptops from €379.
    We have a specialised Service Centre in Charleville. All repairs are carried out by our fully Qualified Engineers. We offer am Honest, Professional and Confidential Service.

Expert Advice, Great Value, Proper Aftersales