Mizen To Malin Cycle For Cian’s Kennels

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Barry & Niamh are going to cycle the Mizen to Malin this September in aid of Cian’s Kennels. They are cycling in memory of their daughter Cliodhna.

Cian and Cliodhna became friends in Crumlin Hospital during their treatment. They shared a love and passion for animals and they would have loved to have their pets close to them in hospital. 

Cian’s Kennels goal is to bring pets closer to sick children and their families. This fundraising cycle will help Cian’s Kennels put lots of smiles on the faces of sick children and their families. 

We hope you can help us by donating whatever you can. This is a great way to show your support.

Click on the link below to Support and Donate.


Many Thanks for your support.

Read more about Cian’s Kennels Mizen to Malin Fundraising Cycle and Cliodhna.

We, Cliodhna’s parents, Barry and Niamh, are honoured to have Day 1 of the cycle dedicated to Cliodhna and we are looking forward to cycling with Cian’s Kennels Mizen to Malin in September.